İrlanda’da Düzenlenecek Eğitim Kursu için Katılımcılar Aranıyor!!
İrlanda`nın Dublin şehrinde 3-9 Nisan 2016 tarihlerinde düzenlenecek olan eğitim kursuna 2 kişi gönderilecektir. Başvurular 09 Şubat 2016 tarihine kadar devam edecektir.
About the training
“Enact” is an innovative 8-dayErasmus+ training course designed to develop the competences of youth workers,trainers and youth leaders to engage and empower young people in their lives, workand communities.
Using the tools of Nature, AuthenticCommunication and Theatre we will learn together how to empower the youngpeople we work with by developing their skills in enhanced communication, conflictresolution techniques, entrepreneurial thinking and active participation.
The programme involves theoretical inputsand practical workshops, discussions, group processes and individual work. Partof the programme will take place outdoors in nature.
Participating Countries
The course will involve 28 participants from the Ireland(hosting) ,Estonia ,Czech Republic , Hungary, Italy, Portugal, UK, Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, and Morocco. Thelanguage of the training course will be in English.
Training Objectives:
  • To identify effective and creative methods to engage young people to be active in their lives and communities
  • To explore and understand how theatre & outdoor based methods can be used as tools for youth empowerment
  • To introduce effective communication techniques in order to create positive dialogue and authentic communication
  • To develop competences to implement tools, non-formal and informal educational methods of conflict resolution
  • To provide space for participants for discussion and sharing best practices and to develop their training skills and competences
  • To improve knowledge about Erasmus+ Youth Programme as a tool for improving project quality
The training course will take place in Dublin. Our venue is the East Clare Golf Village situated in the beautiful West of Ireland.
Shannon is the best option to fly to and from – Shannon – London flights are fairly cheap and regular, so that could be a good route to check out. Also note that if you fly to Dublin, you cannot arrive late on the 3rdth April or leave early on the 9th April – It is at least 3 hours travel from Dublin to the venue. You can of course stay more days in Ireland (at your own costs). Dublin has good low priced accommodation, or… you can decide to stay a bit longer in the west and explore our beautiful and dramatic coastline!
Travel costs are determined by standards set strictly by Erasmus+. The maximum possible travel contribution for each person is: Italy, UK, Portugal, Czech Republic and Morocco –€275 Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia – €820 Estonia and Hungry – €360 Turkey – €530 Ireland – €0
For this training there is a participation fee of €50 per participant to be paid in cash during the project. (50 euro koordinatör kurum tarafından her katılımcının yapması gereken eş-finansmanın bedelidir, proje boyunca nakit olarak verilecektir.)
Appy online: We are looking 2 youth workers to participate to TC. Go to link Please answer the questions in English. The applications which are in Turkish will not be considered.
Application Deadline: 9th February 2016 Date of Selection and Announcement: 14th February 2016

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